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About RSC

As a research and conference center the RSC explores the Roosevelt Legacy in Transatlantic Relations. The diverse and dynamic character of this legacy offers an inspiring way to understand the history and culture of the United States and its meaning for Europe.

The staff realizes this objective through their research programs, by sharing the results through academic and public channels, and by stimulating further inquiry. Extensive archives, a specialized library, research grants to visit the center, lectures and conferences, and a strong international academic network further advance this mission.

The RSC is located in the twelfth-century  Abbey of Middelburg, the Netherlands.  It is named after three famous Americans whose ancestors emigrated in the seventeenth century from Zeeland to New York: President Theodore Roosevelt (1858 -1919), President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882 -1945) and Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 - 1962).

The RSC is subsidized by the Province of Zeeland and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Additional support comes from the Roosevelt Institute, and the Theodore Roosevelt Association in New York as well as from corporate sponsors.