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RSC Guest Lecture at the Ostrea Lyceum in Goes

 (21 February 2013)

On Friday, February 15, our Assistant Director Hans Krabbendam and Postdoctoral Researcher Dario Fazzi gave a lecture to the students of the Ostrea Lyceum in Goes.

RSC Lecture at Ostrea Goes by Hans Krabbendam and Dario Fazzi

More than 200 students attended a presentation on the theme “Racial Inequality in U.S. History”. Students of the sixth and fifth grade had been previously involved by their teachers in a project focusing on the American history. Students also had the opportunity to analyze several primary sources of the RSC archives and collections and therefore try to assess their cultural, political, social, and economic significance. Documentaries and lessons had completed students’ preliminary gathering of information.

The lecture, then, provided students with a brief outline of the history of racial segregation in the U.S. from the Reconstruction Era onward and it highlighted the impact that World War I, the Great Migration and the Great Depression had on the lives of millions of black Americans. The lecture also touched on the New Deal reforms and the troubled Congressional discussions on adopting federal anti-lynching legislation.

The RSC staff instructed students in the work of professional historians and showed them how historical documents interrelate with each other. Finally, students used the Q&A session to explore both the principal features of student life at a University and the main characteristics of an academic career.