In 2001 the following persons received an RSC Research Grant for their projects:
  • Detlef Junker (Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg, Germany) with a group of 21 M.A. students for their seminar “World Economic Crisis, New Deal, World War II: The Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt”;
  • Annick Cizel (University of Paris 3, Sorbonne Nouvelle), “The Burden of Decolonization: The United States and the Emerging Third World (1945-1960)” (book);
  • Niels Harteman (University of Nijmegen, Netherlands), “The Ladies’ Home Journal and the First World War” (M.A.);
  • Pieter van Langevelde (University of Leiden, Netherlands), “President Richard M. Nixon and the Press” (M.A.);
  • Sergey Kutlunin (Ulyanovsk State Teachers’ Training University, Russia), “President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Russian Artist Nicholas Roerich: Cooperation for the Sake of Culture, 1930-1945” (M.A.);
  • Sylwia Sawczuk (Warsaw University, Poland), “President John F. Kennedy and the 1960 Presidential Election” (M.A.);
  • Richard Nate (Essen University, Germany), “American Culture in the Context of the New Deal” (book);
  • Robert S. Freedman (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom), “African Americans and the Republican Party, 1948-1964” (undergraduate dissertation);
  • Debra Anne Standing (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom), “Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton: A Comparison of Their Political Lives as First Ladies” (undergraduate dissertation);
  • Eleni Rachel Bide (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom), “The Impact of Personal Religious Beliefs on the Political Leadership of Franklin Roosevelt and Stanley Baldwin” (undergraduate dissertation);
  • Renata Nowaczewska (Szczecin University, Poland), “American Philanthropical Foundations in the Era of the Great Depression, 1929-1939” (Ph.D.);
  • Sandra Scanlon (University of Cambridge United Kingdom), “The Pro-War Movement During the Nixon Administration, 1969-1974” (Ph.D.).

European students seeking a masters or doctorate in American history as well as advanced scholars are invited to apply for a Research Grant. Application forms can be found here.