In 2002 the following persons received an RSC Research Grant for their projects:

  • Diter den Baes (University of Ghent, Belgium), “The Role of Religion in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference” (M.A.);
  • Annelieke Dirks (University of Leiden, Netherlands), “The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the ‘Beloved Community’” (M.A.);
  • Tina Kuehr (University of Bonn, Germany), “Civilizing (Domestic) Dependent Nations: The American Policy of Education towards Native Americans and Filipinos, 1889-1909” (M.A.);
  • Ron Robin (University of Haifa, Israel), “The Culture and Politics of Disease Control: The Rhetoric of Public Health at Home and Abroad during the Progressive Period” (book);
  • Francis Vlieghe (University of Ghent, Belgium), “The Influence of World War I on Belgian-U.S. Relations”(M.A.);
  • Ales Sosnovsky (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic), “Victors or the Vanquished? U.S. Policy toward Japan and Korea in 1945-1950” (Ph.D.);
  • Caroline Lievens (University of Ghent, Belgium), “The Radicalization of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee” (M.A.);
  • Ingrid Kalkhoven (University of Utrecht, Netherlands), “School Bussing and the Nixon Administration (1969-1974)” (Ph.D.).

European students seeking a masters or doctorate in American history as well as advanced scholars are invited to apply for a Research Grant. Application forms can be found here.