In 2003 the following persons received an RSC Research Grant for their projects:

  • Francis Vlieghe (Ghent University, Belgium), “The Influence ofWorld War I on Belgian-U.S. Relations”(M.A.);
  • Maëlle Challan Belval (University of Lille III, France), “Mutations of the Jewish Vote in New York in the 1970s Since the Ocean Hill-Brownsville Crisis of 1968” (M.A.);
  • Monika Kowalczyk (Pultusk School of Humanities, Pultusk, Poland), “Kennedy’s Road to The White House: The Importance of Televised Presidential Images” (M.A.);
  • Ron Robin (University of Haifa, Israel), “Academic Scandals: Why Do They Happen and What Do They Mean?” (book);
  • Radu Cazac (University of Iasi, Romania), “Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the U.S.A. in the Second World War” (Ph.D.);
  • Robert Mason (University of Edinburgh, U.K.), “America’s Minority: The Republican Party and the U.S. Electorate from Hoover to Reagan” (book);
  • Marco Sioli (University of Milan, Italy), “Franklin D. Roosevelt and Islam: The Publication of the Naval Documents Related to the United States Wars with the Barbary Powers in 1939” (book);
  • Thomas Gijswijt (University of Heidelberg, Germany), “Transatlantic Networks, European Integration and Atlantic Cooperation. The Role of the Monnet Committee and the Bilderberg Group, 1955-1966” (Ph.D.);
  • Eduard Lathioor (Ghent University, Belgium), “The Nixon Administration and the AFL-CIO and UAW” (M.A.).

European students seeking a masters or doctorate in American history as well as advanced scholars are invited to apply for a Research Grant. Application forms can be found here.