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In 2010 the following persons received an RSC Research Grant for their projects:

  • Diewertje de Graaff (University of Leiden, Netherlands), "Where Feminism and Black Power Meet. SNCC's Shift and Its Effect on Female Civil Rights Workers." (M.A.);
  • Aleksey Manukhin (Moscow State University, Russia), "Toward an Armed Intervention: the U.S. Response to the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1914" (M.A.);
  • Geraldine Kidd (University College Cork, Ireland), "Eleanor Roosevelt, Israel, The Palestinians and Orientalism" (Ph.D);
  • G.H. Bennett (University of Plymouth, United Kingdom), "The RAF's Foreign Legion: Free French Airmen and the politics of Anglo-American Dealings with de Gaulle, 1940-45" (book);
  • Matthew Lucas (University of Essex, United Kingdom), "Anglo-American Nuclear (Un)Co-operation 1948-58: The Attempt to Revise the McMahon Act" (M.A.);
  • Chris Parkes (London School of Economics, United Kingdom), "The Welles of Loneliness: Sexuality, Scandal and the State Department, 1920-1950" (Ph.D.);
  • Stefano Luconi (University of Padua, Italy), "The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and African-Americans'Multifaceted Agenda in the Pursuit of Voting Rights" (independent research project);
  • Melissa Cooper (University of Exeter, United Kingdom), "Eleanor Roosevelt and the 1950s Anti-Lynching Movement in America" (B.A.).

Special mention is warranted of a cooperation of the RSC with Plymouth University which sent six of its students to do research in the RSC library in 2010.

  • Ben Cobbett, "U.S. Military Ground Tactics in Vietnam" (B.A.);
  • Leanne Hargreaves, "Eleanor Roosevelt and American Civil Rights" (B.A.);
  • Paul Smith, "John F. Kennedy and the Escalation of the Vietnam War" (B.A.);
  • Harry Whitehead, "Inside the Cuban Missile Crisis" (B.A.);
  • Ashley Smith, "How Heavily Did the Events Surrounding Robert F. Williams Life Contribute to the Civil Rigths Movement and How Influential was Robert F. Williams on this Movement and the Black Power Movement" (B.A.)
  • Victoria Walsh, "Analyse Eleanor Roosevelt's Career as a Human Rights Activist" (B.A.)

European students seeking a masters or doctorate in American history as well as advanced scholars are invited to apply for a Research Grant. Application forms can be found here and relevant information on the RSC archival collections can be found here.