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In 2011 the following persons received an RSC Research Grant for their projects

  • Olga N. Skorokhodova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Federation), "The U.S. Policy toward the OPEC Members Countries and its Influence on the Balance of Power in the Middle East, 1973-1979" (M.A.);
  • Renata Nowaczewska (Szczecin University, Poland), "Building New Alliances: Anglo-American Relations, 1945-1961" and "Enhancing Friendly Relations: American Foreign Aid and Private Foundations in Great Britain and the Commonwealth, 1945-1961 (Book and Full Professorship);
  • J. Simon Rofe (University of Leicester, United Kingdom), "Presidential Peacemaking in the Twentieth Century" (book);
  • Anna Maria Wyrwisz (Jagiellonian University, Poland), "Dutch and American History from the Discovery of America until End of Nineteenth Century" (Ph.D.);
  • Iwona Stanczyk (Université de Provence, France), "‘Give People Light and They Will Find the Way’: Ella Baker’s Organizing Philosophy" (M.A.);
  • Jack Madden (University of Leeds, United Kingdom), "SNCC and SDS: A Comparison" (M.A.);
  • Lucy Ní Chearúil (University College Dublin, Ireland), "Civil Rights Legislation and the Johnson Administration" (M.A.);
  • Sammy Six (Ghent University, Belgium), “Exploring the Dichotomies in U.S. Political Culture: Japanese Internment under FDR” (M.A.);
  • Fulvio Lorefice (University of Bologna, Italy), “The Sunset of Isolationism, the U.S. Public Opinion: The Case of the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939” (Ph.D.);
  • Albertine Bloemendal (University of Leiden), “Ernst van der Beugel—A Transatlantic Mediator” (Ph.D.);
  • Mark Walmsley (University of Leeds), “Mediating Protest: SNCC, Black Power, and the Media’s coverage of American Radicalism, 1960-1968” (M.A.);
  • Emma Folwell (University of Leicester, United Kingdom), “From White Resistance to New Conservatism: The Backlash against Community Action Programs in Mississippi, c. 1965-1972” (Ph.D.);
  • Katharina Rietzler (University College London, United Kingdom), “Promoting a Scientific Peace: American Foundations and International Relations, 1910-1950” (article);
  • Szymon Leszczynski (University of Gdánsk and Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland), “Polish-American Relations under Ronald Reagan” (Ph.D.);.
  • Matthew Smith (University of Exeter, United Kingdom), “How Accurate Was Theodore Roosevelt’s Depiction of His Time in North Dakato and What Does It Tell Us about ‘Cowboy’ in American Culture” (M.A.);
  • Alberto Benvenuti (University of Florence, Italy) “The ‘Color Line’ and the Internationalization of the African American Struggle in the Sixties. A Study of Four Black Activists: Malcom X, Robert F. Williams, Stokely Carmichael and Eldridge Cleaver” (Ph.D.);
  • Mark McLay (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom), “Lyndon Johnson and the Republican Challenge to the Great Society” (Ph.D.).

Special mention is warranted of a cooperation of the RSC with Plymouth University which sent five of its students to do research in the RSC library in 2011.

  • Samuel Weber, 'Congressmasn Martin Dies, Jr., and the Rise of Modern Conservatism'
  • Rebecca Davy, 'African Americans, the Two World Wars and the Black Press'
  • Patrick Henry, 'Franklin Roosevelt’s Isolationism'
  • Michelle Cleverley, 'Mary McLeod Bethune'
  • Katherine James, 'The New Deal and New Deal agencies in Montana during the Great Depression'

European students seeking a masters or doctorate in American history as well as advanced scholars are invited to apply for a Research Grant. Application forms can be found here and relevant information on the RSC archival collections can be found here.