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  • Simon Hall (University of Leeds, United Kingdom), “1956: The World in Revolt”
  • Korneel Vandamme (University of Ghent, Belgium), “Landhervormingen in Latijns-Amerika tijdens het Alliance for Progress tijdperk”
  • Matthias Esprit (University of Ghent, Belgium), “The Democratization Process in the Sixties: The Direct Influence of the Electorate on the Procedure of the American Presidential Elections. Test Case: The Election of L.B. Johnson (‘64) and R.M. Nixon (’68)”
  • Aaron Rietkerk (London School of Economics), “Signaling World Public Opinion: Hammarskjold, the Afro-Asia Group and the United Nations, 1955-1961”
  • Ewa Joanna Maj (University of Wroclaw, Poland), “The U.S.-Iranian Relations in the Eyes of Propaganda of Polish Communists, 1945-1989"
  • Alexey Sokolov (Moscow State University, Russian Federation), “U.S. Political Parties and Foreign Policy in the Balkan Region during the Bosnian War”
  • Graham Black (University of Edinburgh, U.K.), “The Role and Influence of the Printed Press during the Vietnam War, Particularly the Period Covering 1965-1969”
  •  Richard Paul (University of Northumbria, U.K.) “Why Did Truman Recognise the Existence of Israel in 1948"
  • Vincent Lagendijk (Maastricht University, the Netherlands), “Transnationalising the TVA”
  • Amelia Maher (University of Exeter, United Kingdom), “Theodore Roosevelt as Police Commissioner of New York”

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