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  • Rachel Coke (Plymouth University), “FDR: The Court Packing Case of 1937 and the Greater Politicization of the U.S. Supreme Court”

  • Kevin William McSweeney (Plymouth University), “Richard Nixon and the War on Drugs”

  • Jeffrey Howard Michaels (King’s College London, UK), “Kennedy’s Coups: The Limits and Compromises of American Power, 1961-1963”

  • Annalisa Mogorovich (University of Trieste, Italy), “The African-American Political Leadership and the New Deal: The Federal Council on Negro Affairs”
  • Jack Michelmore (University of Groningen), “A Defining Moment in the ‘Special Relationship’? Harold Wilson, Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War”
  • Zinovia Lialiouti (Panteion University, Greece), “The Cultural Cold War: The Case of Greece, 1953-1969”
  • Naomi Degroote (Ghent University, Belgium), “Beeldvorming rond de Verenigde Staten in België tijdens de regeerperiodes van John F. Kennedy en Lyndon B. Johnson, 1961-1969”
  • Clemens Six (University of Groningen), “Religion as Anti-Communism in Early Cold War Southeast Asia”
  • Daniel Cseh (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary), “Japanese-American Evacuation and Relocation: Civil Liberty versus National Security"
  • Lionel Martina (University of Amsterdam), “The Original Yankees: Dutch Immigrant Influence on American Culture"
  • Matthew Colton (University of Amsterdam), “The CIA, Kennedy, and Cuba: How the Relationship between the CIA and the Executive Branch Resulted in the Bay of Pigs Invasion”
  • Lisa Veroni-Paccher (Université Bordeaux Montaigne), “Nation Time? Amiri Baraka and the 1972 Gary Convention” and “Black Power and National Political Conventions, 1966-1980: Utopias and Electoral Dreams, inside and outside the American Political System, 1966-1980”

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