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October 31-November 4

Molly Geidel (Manchester, UK), “Seeing Like a Liberal Empire: The Development Documentary and Cold War Modernization” [book]

September 19-23

Julia Dormayer (Tuebingen, Germany), “Democracy in the Face of Totalitarianism: Conceptions of Threat and Order in American Presidential Campaigns, 1940-1952” [Ph.D.]

August 8-12

Ewelina Wasko-Owsiejczuk (Bialystok, Poland), “The CIA under Harry Truman’s Presidency: Possibilities, Difficulties and Challenges of the New American Intelligence Agency” [article]

August 1-5

Maarten Zwiers (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), “Segregation and Capitalism in the Cold War Caribbean” [other]

July 20-29

Krzysztof Siwek (Wroclaw, Poland), “The Polish-German Frontier in American Political Perspective from 1945 to 1970” [book]

July 11-19

Juan Carlos Merino Morales (Madrid, Spain), “Fernando de los Ríos and the Spanish Civil War in the United States of America, 1936-1939” [Ph.D.]
Scott Weightman (Leicester & Nottingham, UK), “The Outward Face of Segregation: Segregationists’ Media Strategies during the 1950s and 1960s” [Ph.D.]

July 11-12

Simon Topping (Plymouth, UK), “Northern Ireland and the United States: Diplomacy, Politics and Identity, 1942-1950” [article]

June 20-24

Heleen Blommers (VU, Amsterdam), “The New Deal and the War on Poverty Compared: How Government Officials Framed the Historical Memory of the Programs” [MA]

June 13-17

Mark Mclay ( Glasgow, UK), “The Republican Party and the Defeat of the War on Poverty, 1964-1973” [other]

June 5-10

Elizabeth Veronica Davidson (Newcastle, UK), “’Beyond Empire’: The Transformation of U.S.-Latin American Relations in Theodore Roosevelt’s Administration” [Ph.D.]

April 11-15

David Corrales Morales (Madrid, Spain), “The Impact of American Cultural Transfer on Childhood in Franco’s Spain” [Ph.D.]
Mariusz Puchacz (Kraków, Poland), “Henry L. Stimson and the Internment of Japanese Americans Investigations of the Pearl Harbor Attack and the Japanese Americans” [Ph.D.]