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Eva Durlinger (Maastricht), “US Foreign Policy toward Western Europe: The Nixon Administration, Werner and Davignon” [MA]

Tim Galsworthy (Sussex), “The Party of Lincoln? American Civil War Memory, Civil Rights, and the Republican Party, 1960-1968” [PhD]

David Doddington (Cardiff), “Old Age and American Slavery” [book]

Elizabeth Summerfield (Melbourne), “Androgyny and Leadership: The Shaping of the ‘Conservationist President’” [book]

Giovanni B. Corvino (Turin), “The Meanings of Lynching: Race and Citizenship in the United States, 1860-1968” [PhD]

Dayna Barbes (London), “Anti-Capitalism, Immigration, and Terror: Transpacific Anarchism in the Early 20th Century” [article]

Joe Hume (Glasgow), “Standing in Reagam’s Shadow: Liberal Strategies in a Conservative Age” [article/book]