RSC-UCR Panel at the 6th International Human Rights Education Conference

December 17, 2015 to December 19, 2015

The conference was held at The University College Roosevelt in Middelburg

Roosevelt Study Center's Dr. Hans Krabbendam and University College Roosevelt's Dr. Anya Luscombe had put together a panel for the upcoming International Human Rights Education Conference, which was held in Middelburg on December 17-19, 2015. The panel, titled "Translating the Roosevelt Legacy into Practice: Four Case-Studies from the Education Field," explored the connection between the Roosevelts and human rights education today. The speakers presented four examples of educational practices, ranging from theoretical courses to project-based practical assignments and service-learning, related to the personal biographies of Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt and their promotion of human rights. The panelists showed how students at any level can be made aware of the historicity of human rights, which through the lenses of the Roosevelts can be easily regarded not only as the product of a top-down, state-sanctioned, deductive agenda, but also as a process of bottom-up, inductive effort by responsible citizens.