Eleanor Roosevelt

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Prospects of Mankind with Eleanor Roosevelt

The RSC is pleased to announce that the Center has acquired the “Prospects of Mankind with Eleanor Roosevelt” DVD collection. The RSC is the only research center holding the complete TV series, a collection of 29 DVDs containing the roundtable discussions that the former first lady hosted between 1959 and 1962. The programs focus on many issues covering both domestic and international affairs, ranging from capitalism, democracy, disarmament, foreign policy, and the status of women.

Mrs. Roosevelt discussed these topics with some of the most prominent figures of that time, from Nobel Prize winners Bertrand Russell and Ralph Bunche to Henry Kissinger, John F. Kennedy, Adlai Stevenson, Hubert Humphrey, and Hugh Gaitskell. The series was produced by public television station WGBH, Boston for National Educational Television (NET), and was broadcast nationally. The informal colloquia represent a fundamental source to understand the development of Eleanor Roosevelt’s ideas on a broad range of subjects and, at the same time, they provide scholars and historians with further vivid examples of Mrs. Roosevelt’s ability to use mass media and her fervent interest in world affairs during the last years of her life.

The complete description of the DVD series. This collection can be viewed at the Roosevelt Study Center only.

The description of each episode can be found at Collections- The Roosevelts and starts at number 3.17 to 3.45.