Announcement: Marilyn B. Young Grant 2019

The Marilyn B. Young Grant 2019 has been awarded to Michelle Carmody from the School of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Melbourne (Australia) for her research project "Amnesty International and the Challenge of Human Rights in US Foreign Policy."

Michelle Carmody

For this project Dr. Carmody explores the interplay between the human rights-related aspects of US foreign policy, and the development of new techniques for international human rights activism and advocacy within Amnesty International. At the RIAS she consulted the huge microfiche collection "American Foreign Policy: Current Documents, 1981" and the recently acquired "Jimmy Carter & Foreign Affairs" microfilm collection.

While in the Netherlands in June and July 2019, Dr. Carmody also spent some time at the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam for their collections on Amnesty International.

Dr. Carmody was assistant professor at the Institute for History, Leiden University from 2012 to 2017.