Announcement: Moscow Student Visits RIAS in New Exchange​

Ilia Lakstygal, a history PhD student at Moscow State University, visited the RIAS in May 2019 as the first participant in a new New York-Moscow-Middelburg research cooperation agreement.

In 1998 the Franklin D. Roosevelt Foundation for the Study of the USA was established at the history department of Moscow State University. Based on a cooperation between the Roosevelt Institute in New York and Moscow State, the FDR Foundation offered students of that university an opportunity to study US history with access to the latest resources.

Ilia Lakstygal

In 2019 this program has been revived. Ilia, a student of Moscow State Professor Yuri Rogulev, visited the RIAS for two weeks to conduct research for his PhD project on the competing interests of the US and French arms trade in the Middle East in the 1970s. Ilia also participated in the RIAS International PhD seminar, presenting a paper on US and French approaches to the Yom Kippur war of 1973. The RIAS collections provided useful sources for Ilia’s project that are unavailable for him in Moscow itself.

The RIAS looks forward to further visits from Moscow students and to maintaining this important link with a fellow Roosevelt institute.