Conference: Pursuing the Rooseveltian Century, 30 Nov-1 Dec 2017

To mark the launch of the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies, the institute will host a major international conference in November 2017, dedicated to exploring the ‘Rooseveltian Century’ as a historical theme and an interpretative framework.

It builds on the success of the experimental Massive Open Online Course, ‘The Rooseveltian Century,’ which was produced by RIAS scholars Giles Scott-Smith and Dario Fazzi in 2016.

The conference has two principal aims. Firstly, it will uniquely combine research on each of the three principal Roosevelts, Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor, within an overarching historical investigation into their influence and legacies throughout the twentieth century. Secondly, it will frame the debate around the central themes, motifs and images that can be captured under the term Rooseveltian Century, identifying the longer-lasting meaning and importance of this frame in current-day (international) politics.

To that end, the conference will host panels on a number of themes that connect the three Roosevelts in history and legacy, including their approaches to domestic and international policy; their political style; the alliances and institutions they helped to establish; and their place in public memory.

The conference program is now available. More information, including details of how to register, will soon be made available through our website.