Event: Amerikanistendag 2018

On Friday 1 June 2018 the RIAS hosted the Amerikanistendag, the annual students' conference of the Netherlands American Studies Association.

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Mike Schmidli


The Amerikanistendag serves as a forum for students and recent graduates at bachelor, (research) master and PhD level to present their research to fellow students and scholars.

The keynote lecture was given by Dr. Mike Schmidli from Leiden University. Dr. Schmidli is a specialist in US foreign policy and the author of The Fate of Freedom Elsewhere: Human Rights and US Cold War Policy toward Argentina (Ithaca: Cornell University Press 2013).

The Theodore Roosevelt American History Award 2018 was also presented this day.

Program Overview

09:45 Registration

10:05 Welcome and Opening

10:15 Presentation Theodore Roosevelt American History Award 2018

10:45 Keynote Lecture by Mike Schmidli (Leiden University): “Fake News?: Public Diplomacy and the U.S. Intervention in Central America, 1981-1990”

11:30 Panel Sessions 1 & 2

Oran Kennedy (UL): “‘The Means of Our Elevation’: Black Settlement, Education, and the Search for Idependence in the Midwest and Upper Canada, 1820-1861”

Tim Kies (UL): “Slave Families and the Domestic Slave Trade”

Jasper Koops (UvA): “The International Implications of the American Civil War, as Told through the History of Four Ships”

Joëlla de Vos (UvA), “What Americanism May Rightly Mean: The Debate about American Identity at the Beginning of the 20th Century”

Mónica Fernández Jiménez (UL-The Hague), “Literary Works on Colonial Displacement (the Heritage of Slavery) and Immigration to the United States”

Emily Stanbury (UL), “How Japanese Americans Countered the ‘Model Minority’ Stereotype and Actively Participated in the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s-1970s”

14:15 Panel Sessions 3 & 4

Lenore Bell (UL & St. Andrews), “Canny Carceri: Selling Leisurely Incarceration through the Escape Room”

Meike Robaard (RUG), “What’s in a Game? Playful Puzzling Histories and Cultural Symbolism of Monopoly”

Laura op de Beke (UL), “Pastoral Framework of Stardew Valley”

Laurens Stijnen (EUR), “USAF at Soesterberg”

Laurynas Ketaurakis (UL), “The George H.W. Bush Administration’s Foreign Policy towards Eastern Europe during the Collapse of Communism”

Jeroen van der Westen (UvA), “Conservatism after the Cold War: A Case Study of National Review”

15:45 Panel Sessions 5 & 6

Daan Zeijen (UL), “From Slave-Hound to Caesar: The Liberator on Lincoln, May-November 1860”

Lars R. Vadjina (Tübingen), “Jimmy Who?! The Marketability of Jimmy Carter: The Representation of the Presidential Candidate in the Campaign Commercials of 1976”

Anne Faber (UvA), “Make America Aristocratic Again: How Plato Predicted the Decay of Democracy towards an Unpredictable, Power-Hungry Leader”

Jordan Kleinman (VU), “’The Consequences of Our Desire’: Global Capitalism at Work in The Reluctant Fundamentalist”

Ilias Ben Mna (Berlin), “The Resurrection of Reaganite Cold War Rhetoric in Independence Day”

Nazir Bibi Naeem (VU), “Rumi in Post-9/11 America: Analyzing 21st-Century Paratexts and Translations of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balki’s Poetic Works in English” 

17:00 Reception provided by the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies

For the program in PDF version please see here.