Event: Roosevelt Lecture, 2 April 2019

On Tuesday 2 April 2019, the US Ambassador to Netherlands Peter Hoekstra will deliver the Spring Roosevelt Lecture on "The U.S. and the Netherlands: Building on 400 Years."

Peter Hoekstra

In this lecture the US ambassador will reflect upon the historical relationship between the United States and the Netherlands, with a particular emphasis on the challenges of a complex and rapidly changing world.

Our shared values are the cornerstones of our relationship and of who we are as allies. While we agree on a lot, this deep friendship also allows us to have frank discussions when new issues arise. We are currently having such discussions about 5G, Nord Stream 2 and energy diversity, fair trade, and the 2 percent commitment to NATO. If the relationship is strong, we will be prepared to effectively respond to the rapid changes in today’s world, and to ensure another 75 years of peace and prosperity.

More details on the lecture can be read in the here.

The lecture will be held in English at the Auditorium of the Provinciehuis and starts at 5 p.m. If you are interested in attending the lecture, please register at rias@zeeland.nl before 22 March 2019.