Event: Roosevelt Lecture, 24 October 2019

On Thursday 24 October 2019, Professor James Kimble presented the Fall Roosevelt Lecture on "Roosevelt, Rockwell, and the War of Ideals: The Struggle for the Four Freedoms in History and Memory" at the RIAS.

Four Freedoms by Norman Rockwell

This lecture featured historian, documentarian, and curator James J. Kimble’s examination of the faltering first steps of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms and the indispensable support of those freedoms offered by Norman Rockwell and his peer artists.

The potent collaboration between Roosevelt and Rockwell, generally overlooked in historical memory, points to a number of important insights. It highlights the fragility of the concept of freedom. It reveals the importance of visual appeals in the fight for human rights. When considered in the context of the battle for occupied Europe, it clarifies the role of democratic propaganda on the international stage. And, from our vantage point some 75 years later, it emphasizes the continuing relevance of Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms across the world.

More details on Professor James Kimble can be read in the invitation.

Professor Kimble and the audience