Listen: Pursuing the Rooseveltian Century

All keynote dialogues from the 'Pursuing the Rooseveltian Century' conference are now available online.

On 30 December - 1 January 2017, the RIAS hosted a major international conference dedicated to exploring the idea of a 'Rooseveltian century' in American and global history. In a series of 'keynote dialogues' some of the world's leading historians of the United States gave their interpretation of the significance of the Roosevelts, structured around four key themes: Security, Equality, Freedom, and Legacy.

These lectures are now freely available through the online radio station TXT Radio. You can listen to them here:

'Security', featuring Frank Costigliola (University of Connecticut) and Mary Dudziak (Emory University);

'Equality', with Petra Goedde (Temple University) and Kiran Klaus Patel (University of Maastricht);

'Freedom',with Lisa McGirr (Harvard University) and Justin Hart (Texas Tech University);

'Legacies', with Michael Cullinane (University of Roehampton) and Elizabeth Borgwardt (Washington University St Louis).