A New Journal Is Launched!

Diplomatica: A Journal of Diplomacy and Society


Diplomatica: A Journal of Diplomacy and Society is a new publication launched with Brill. RIAS's Academic Director Giles Scott-Smith is founding editor of the new journal, alongside Ken Weisbrode of Bilkent University, Turkey. Its first issue will appear in April 2019, with two issues a year. Diplomatica will provide a unique space for research across the humanities and social sciences that focuses on the study of diplomacy and its changing nature over time. This multi-disciplinary journal has a global outlook and is not restricted to a specific periodisation, since it specifically aims to link research on the modern era with the early modern period and beyond. The journal has already received wide support from the diplomatic history and diplomatic studies community, and intends to play an important role in the development of the field.



Diplomatica is affiliated with the New Diplomatic History (NDH) network, established in 2011 to expand the study of diplomacy through new perspectives. On 24-26 October 2018 the RIAS will host the third NDH international conference. 

For more information on Diplomatica, please click this link: https://newdiplomatichistory.org/journal/