News: Election Night in Middelburg

Together with its fellow Middelburg-based organizations, University College Roosevelt and the HZ University of Applied Sciences, the RIAS organized an online election event on the night of 3 November 2020.

The event featured a diverse program, including an engaging engaging conversation with former RIAS Fulbright fellows, Justin Hart of Texas Tech University and Anne Foster of Indiana State University, as well as contributions from former US Congressman Mike Honda, the King’s Commissioner in Zeeland, Han Polman, and the mayor of Middelburg, Harald Bergmann. RIAS postdoc Cees Heere hosted a pub quiz through the night, as audience and panellists took turns to discuss current issues relating to American politics and transatlantic relations, all in the context of the election.

Over the course of the night, a large wooden elephant and a donkey made, designed by students of the local high school Nehalennia, made their way across the market square to tally up the votes. 

Studio in Stadhuis with King's Commissioner Han Polman
Middelburg Mayor Harald Bergmann


Elephant and Monkey