Publication: "Diplomatica: A Journal of Diplomacy and Society"

After its official launch at the "New Diplomatic History" Conference at the RIAS in October 2018, the journal's first issue is published.

The journal emerges out of a collaborative effort by RIAS Academic Director Giles-Scott Smith and Kenneth Weisbrode of Bilkent University to establish a space for the study of diplomacy as a social process and a cultural environment. It stretches across disciplines, geographies, and chronologies, including perspectives from the humanties as well as the (social) sciences, from different parts of the world, and from the early modern as well as the modern era.

Launched at last year's New Diplomatic History Conference, hosted by the RIAS in October 2018, the journal's inaugural issue features several articles that emerged from its proceedings, including two articles based on the keynote addresseses: on "Apocalyptic Diplomacy" by John Watkins, and "Sociability in Diplomacy" by Naoko Shimazu. 

The journal is free to access to individuals until December 2020. For more details, see its website at Brill.