Read: Thomas Doherty on FDR's Polio Crusade amid Crisis

Struck with polio at age 39, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the disease’s most famous victim. As president, he led a crusade to eradicate the disease.

In this timely article, the RIAS visiting professor in 2018, Thomas Doherty, explores how the polio virus terrified the USA in the late 19th and a great part of the 20th century, and how President Franklin D. Roosevelt made its eradication his personal business.

The article “What FDR’s polio crusade teaches us about presidential leadership amid crisis” has been published on the digital media platform The Conversation. A link to the article is posted on Thomas Doherty’s page on our website.

FDR & William Green, American Federation of Labor
Franklin D. Roosevelt receives a birthday cake in the Oval Office from William Green of the American Federation of Labor. The cake is decorated with checks for the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.