TRAHA 2019 Travel Report

This summer the winner of the Theodore Roosevelt American History Awards 2019, Queeny van der Spek, spent a week in North Dakota, where she was hosted by the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation and the Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University. 

Queeny van der Spek and Sharon Kilzer (TR Center, Dickinson State Univ.)


Queeny had a great time in TR's former ranching grounds in the Badlands. "Medora is a truly hidden gem," she mentioned in her travel report. In addition, she was impressed that "the people [she] met in Medora were so warm-hearted and kind. [She] can only recommend others to go off the beaten track and spend some time here." To read more on this annual award and Queeny's trip, see here.

The RIAS would like to thank the American hosts in North Dakota and the American Embassy in The Hague for their ongoing support, financial and in kind, to make this trip to the US possible.


photo shot with the TR family