From the Vaults

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'From the Vaults' is the RIAS library and archives blog, in which we highlight remarkable historical persons and dates with documents from our collections.

John Collier and Chiefs

The Amerian Indian Federation

And its Opposition to the Indian New Deal
Roosevelt and John Burroughs in the Yellowstone camp, 1903

On the Hunt for 'These Varmints'

Theodore Roosevelt and Yellowstone’s Mountain Lions
ER and Mary McLeod Bethune

Liberalism Meets Radicalism

Eleanor Roosevelt and 'An Appeal to the World'

The Indian Reorganization Act

John Collier's attempt at Native American autonomy
Mossadegh and Truman

Iranian-American Relations

A missed opportunity?

Does History Repeat Itself?

The populist challenge of Charles E. Coughlin
Ronald Reagan in 1980

Ronald Reagan

From outsider to party symbol
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The Four Freedoms Seventy-Five Years Later

 The Nuremberg Laws

The US and the Nuremberg Laws

Truman orders U.S. Air, Navy units to fight in aid of Korea

Sixty-Five Years of Containment

How did the outbreak of the Korean War reshape the Cold War?
FDR's Death: "So Ended an Era, so Began Another"

The Death of FDR

"So ended an era, so began another"
Selma to Montgomery March

The Selma to Montgomery March

A view from the inside
JFK in Berlin

'Ich bin ein Berliner'

JFK's speech at the Berlin Wall

The Korean Armistice

The Korean War never formally ended

"I Have a Dream"

Fifty years since Martin Luther King's famous address

The McKinley Assassination

The death that launched Theodore Roosevelt's presidency
Kissinger in Israel

The Yom Kippur War

The 1973 War started forty years ago this week

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Eleanor Roosevelt and the UN Declaration

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Reflecting on its 65th anniversary

The Law that Dried the Nation

Prohibition and its discontents

Richard Nixon's Visit to China

A turning point in the Cold War

The Kerner Commission

LBJ and racial equality after the Civil Rights Act

A New Kind of Alliance

This week marks the 65th anniversary of the founding of NATO

Brown vs. Board of Education

The making of a landmark decision

The Spooner Act

How the US became a global naval power

The Nixon Tapes

The limits of Presidential Power

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Escalating the Vietnam War
The German invasion of Poland and American neutrality

The German Invasion of Poland

FDR and the question of American neutrality
The Tafft-Diaz meeting

The Taft-Diaz Meeting

The first US Presidential visit to Mexico
The Gateway to the American Dream

Ellis Island

The gateway to the American Dream
The Murder of Viola Liuzzo

The Murder of Viola Liuzzo

A turning point in the history of the Ku Klux Klan