New Collection: Trends and Policy on the U.S. Environment

The Roosevelt Institute for American Studies is thrilled to announce the addition of the “Trends and Policy: U.S. Environment” collection to its archives. This wide-ranging online database provides a unique opportunity to delve into U.S. environmental policies and shows the RIAS’s growing commitment to studying environmental history and politics.

The collection includes all U.S. environment-related laws, public hearings, legislative and executive branch reports, and historical and present-day news articles. It combines this diverse array of sources into a distinctive and easy-to-navigate interface.

Finding, extracting, and utilizing information and statistical data connected to environmental policymaking has traditionally been challenging for researchers, who need multiple tools to access relevant resources. This collection addresses these issues by integrating primary sources with facts and figures and presenting all the material through timelines and topic pages for laws, concepts and events.

Invaluable Resource

The documents offer insights into important themes such as agriculture and the environment, the Clean Air Act, climate change, environmental decision-making, fracking and oil and gas production, Native Americans and natural resources, party politics and the environment, and pollution and health.

The database’s comprehensive nature and thematic organization make the collection an invaluable resource for students and researchers engaged in environmental studies, political science, public policy, sociology and social Justice, urban planning, and related disciplines.

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