We believe that historical perspectives on transatlantic themes will lead to a better understanding of the global challenges of today.

The Roosevelt Institute for American Studies is a research institute with a strategic cooperation partnership with the Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University. Located in the capital of Zeeland, the RIAS is the Netherlands’ preeminent archive, research center, and graduate school for the study of American history and transatlantic relations.

Study of America

We conduct and facilitate world-class research on the United States and its place in the world, supervise and showcase student research, and bring the world’s leading scholars to Middelburg.
We support doctoral, postgraduate and early career scholars in the humanities.
We organize academic, educational, and public activities aimed at the study of America in all its facets and from transatlantic perspectives, and we are particularly committed to research that enhances historical themes that affect both American and Dutch society (including slavery, human rights, environmental challenges, and international relations).

The RIAS is primarily subsidized by the Province of Zeeland and the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. As of September 2020, the Institute is located at the Hofplein in Middelburg, a set of historic buildings which also houses the Zeeland Archives.

The RIAS has official ANBI status and is registered with the tax authorities as a public charity organization. Donations and gifts are therefore (partially) tax deductible according to Dutch income tax regulations.

[De fiscus heeft het RIAS aangemerkt als een algemeen nut beogende instelling (ANBI). Daarom zijn giften aan het RIAS als goed doel aftrekbaar voor de inkomstenbelasting.]

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