Frank Schumacher (Western University) was the Spring Roosevelt Visiting Professor from mid-May until mid-June 2023.

Frank Schumacher is a Professor of History and Director of the International Relations Program at the Western University in London (Ontario, Canada). Professor Schumacher specializes in international and global history with a focus on the role of the United States in world affairs, the history of empires and colonialism, and the global history of genocide and mass violence.

He has published widely on histories of the American Empire, colonial mass violence, the role of culture in international relations, and Cold War propaganda. His research integrates the writing of US and global histories with a specific focus on the tensions between globalism and nationalism. He is exploring those tensions in two current projects: “Performing Empire, Nation, and the Global: The U.S. Naval Cruise, 1907-1909”, and “TR: Global American.”

At the RIAS he was co-organizing the international symposium “Theodore Roosevelt: Global American” on 24-26 May 2023; he also participated in the International PhD Seminar, completed revisions of a book chapter on empire and nation in US history, and networked with Dutch colleagues for his new book project on concepts and ideas of decline in the United States and abroad, tentatively entitled: Imperial Fall: The United Stated and Decline.

Professor Schumacher’s report on his Visiting Professorship can be read here!