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December 14-18

Catherine Burrin (University of Exeter, UK), “Ancient Rome in Theodore Roosevelt’s Imperialism” [BA]

November 16-20

Francesco Bello (University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy), “Fabio Luca Cavazza, the New Frontier and the Opening to the Left in Italy” [Ph.D.]

October 5-16

Krysztof Wasilewski (The Zbigniew Herbert Regional and Municipal Library in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland), “American Right-Wing Periodicals and Their Impact on the U.S. Politics, 1918-1945” [Ph.D.]

July 27-31

Stefan Hübner (Bundeswehr University Munch, Germany), “Oceans of Oil, Platforms of Steel: Off Shore Oil Drilling, Visions of Progress, and the Colonization of the Oceanic Frontier” [article and book]  

June 26-July 2

Sirpa Salenius (University of Eastern Finland), “’Let My People Go’: The Roots of Black Empowerment” [book]

April 13-21

Carla Konta (University of Trieste, Italy), “The American Public and Cultural Diplomacy in Yugoslavia during the Fifties and the Sixties: American Transmissions and Yugoslav Receptions. The Case Study of Belgrade and Zagreb” [Ph.D.]

January 5-9

Michael Patrick Cullinane (Northumbria University, UK), “Remembering Theodore Roosevelt” [book]