On Friday 28 September 2018, Dr. Hedy Rose delivered the Fall Roosevelt Lecture on “My Childhood in Hiding: Amsterdam, 1942-1945.”

Following her father’s arrest by the Nazis, Hedy, together with her mother and sister, Betsy, became onderduikers. She and her sister then spent nearly four years in an Amsterdam cellar, hidden by a courageous friend of the family. Dr. Rose will share the story of her wartime childhood in Amsterdam at this Roosevelt lecture.

Hedwig C. (Hedy) Rose was born in Amsterdam, but was brought to the United States after losing her parents in World War II. She holds degrees from Cornell University, Smith College, and the University of Massachusetts and served on the faculties of Smith College, the University of Massachusetts, Hampshire College, and Wesleyan University, where she directed the Educational Studies and Teacher Certification programs. She is a founding member of the Global Citizenship Alliance at the Salzburg Seminar, where she serves on the faculty each spring.

Dr. Rose has conducted research on children’s interpretation of religious and political symbols, on the First Amendment rights of American teachers, and on ways to help students to recognize elements of behavior that lead to bullying and exclusion. In preparation for a forthcoming book, she has been working in archives and record offices in Amsterdam, at the war archives of the Hoover Institution, and at the libraries of Stanford University studying the history within which her own wartime experiences took place.

You can listen to this moving lecture here.