The RIAS and The Netherland-America Foundation (The NAF) presented a webinar on 15 October 2021 on the lasting legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt on human rights negotiatons within the United Nations.

Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most significant American women of the twentieth century and remains one of the most admired. As First Lady of the United States, she served from 4 March 1933 to 12 April 1945, during her husband’s (and The NAF co-founder) President Franklin D. Roosevelt four terms in office, making her the longest-serving first lady of the United States. As a diplomat and public speaker, Eleanor Roosevelt helped shape not only the United States but also the United Nations and the path we still follow toward greater protection of human rights.

During this lecture, we were joined by Dr. Allida M. Black, who is Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the Miller Center for Public Affairs, trustee of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library,  and Editor Emeritus of the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project, and RIAS senior researcher Dario Fazzi. The event was moderated by the RIAS PhD candidates Christine Mertens and Marcella Schute.

To watch the full webinar, click here: NAF-RIAS Webinar on the Lasting Legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt – YouTube