The program was divided into three sessions, chaired respectively by Anne Foster (Indiana State University), RIAS Executive Director Damian Pargas, and Kathryn Roberts (University of Groningen), in which were discussed the following papers:


Manuel Suzarte (Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle), “A Texas-Chile Connection: The Student Leader Seminar, 1959-1967”

Sarah Sporys (University of Freiburg), “Saving Europe Once Again: The Clinton’s Administration’s Use of Memory during the Bosnian War”

Widy Susanto (Bilkent University), “The Ford Foundation, the Population Council and Family Planning in Indonesia”

Elzelien van de Paverd (University of Cambridge), “John Solomon Rarey (1827-1866): The American Horse-Tamer”

Eva Rüskamp (University of Freiburg), “Steering a Sustainable Transition in Appalachia: Historical Roots and Current Developments of Rural Governance in the Mountain South”

Leroy Myers (University of Oklahoma), “Fluidity and Environment: Free and Fugitive Blacks in Indian Territory, 1830-1860”

Liliana Santos (University of Coimbra), “From Informed Children to Empowered Citizens: Silence, Voice, Gender and Racial Representation in Effie Lee Newsome, Virginia Hamilton and Jacqueline Woodson”

Jennifer Dos Reis Dos Santos (Aberystwyth University), “Popular Cultural Stereotypes of African American Belief and Folklore”

Reniqua Allen-Lamphere (Rutgers University-Newark), “Dreams of Opportunity, Fortune, Freedom, and Fame in the Chicago Defender’s Bungleton Green”