The program, spread out over two days, consisted of five total sessions, each featuring two presenters. It included the following papers:

Celia Nijdam (RIAS) “This Is the Time and Place: Hallie Flanagan and the Regional Roots of the Federal Theatre Project”

Alba Fernández Alonso (University of Burgos) “The Pedagogical Intertwining of the Concepts of Race, Class and Gender in Langston Hughes’ Poetry of the Spanish Civil War”

Matteo Maria Rossi (University of Turin) “The Politics of Economy: Henry Carey, U.S. Capitalism and the World Market”

Grant Golub (LSE) “We’ve Got To Go to Europe and Fight”: Rethinking Henry Stimson and American Military Strategy during the Second World War”

Sage Goodwin (University of Oxford) “The American Revolution of ’63: Television News and the African American Freedom Struggle”

Tauheeda Yasin Martin (George Mason University) “Poverty and Incarceration inLouisiana: U.S. Federalism as a Hindrance to Justice System Progress”

Paul Brennan (RIAS) “Foreign Yet Domestic: The ACLU and Civil Liberties in America’s Territorial Empire During the Interwar Years”

Joanna Wood (University of Oxford) “Missing presumed absent: mapping the worlds of women’sinternational thought in the interwar US academy”

Hilary Meuter (TU Dortmund) “The Controversy over Confederate Monuments: Mapping the Changes in the Expression of Collective Memory”

Tom Meinderts (SciencesPo) “Mapping out the Christian Right, 1970-1980”