The 2017 spring seminar on 17-19 May was the first to be held at the RIAS since its official launch in April.

The three sessions were chaired by RIAS visiting professor Bruce Kuklick (UPenn), RIAS staff member Giles Scott-Smith, and Damian Pargas (Leiden), and featured a discussion of the following papers:

Manuel Dorion-Soulié, Graduate Institute Geneva, “The Department of Defense Reorganization Act of 1986: Barry Goldwater and the Militarization of American Foreign Policy”

Yukako Otori, Harvard University, “Disposable Subjects: Child Migration, International Law, and US Immigration Policy”

Tina Langholm Larsen, Aarhus University, “Culture on the Move: Grundtvigianism in the Intersection of Denmark and America 1887-1964

Maggie Elmore, University of California, Berkeley, “Claiming the Cross: How Ethnic Mexicans, the Church, and the State Forged an Alliance that Transformed America’s Most Powerful Church, 1923-1986”

Lara Track, Heidelberg University, “Conflict or Cooperation? Women Strike for Peace’s Connections to Second Wave Feminism, 1961-1990”

Mitchell Robertson, Oxford University, “Nixon’s War on Poverty: How Government Survives”