The Spring 2018 edition of the RIAS International PhD Seminar took place on 2-4 May 2018. It featured a discussion of the following papers:

L. Jeanine Quené (Cambridge), “Womanhood in Ku Klux Klan Ideology, 1915-1930”

Lonneke Geerlings (Free University of Amsterdam), “Multidirectional Memory in ‘Rocket City, U.S.A’: Dutch Educator Rosey E. Pool at Alabama A. & M. College, 1965-1967”

Andrew Fogel (Purdue), “Comics and the Politics of Jewish Identity in America”

Kuan-jen Chen (Cambridge), “The Changing US Naval Deployment in Maritime East Asia in the 1950s”

Matthew Blackwell (University of Iowa), “Creating the Cold War Canon: Cultural Diplomacy through Editions of American Authors, 1963-1976”

Vincent Boucher (University of Quebec at Montreal), “George W. Ball’s Battle for LBJ’s Heart and Mind: A Loyal Cry against the Americanization of the Vietnam War”

Olivia Durand (Oxford), “Internal Colonization and the Moveable Frontier: Louisiana and New Russia in the Context of American and Russian Continental Expansion”

Xiangyun Xu (Penn State), “The American Experience during the China Relief Expedition of 1900”

Susannah Brooks (Freiburg), “Rationality versus Compassion: Moving Americans to Aid China in Disaster”