The Spring edition of the RIAS International PhD Seminar 2019 took place on 8-10 May. The program was divided into three sessions, chaired respectively by Peter I. Rose (Smith College), Nancy Mykoff (University College Roosevelt), and RIAS Academic Director Giles Scott-Scott, in which were discussed the following papers:


Clemency Anderson (Cambridge University), “Enshrining Roosevelt and Churchill: Creating and Curating the National Home”

Peter Postma (Leiden University), “Nothing Matters but the Future: Post-War Business Planners and the Internationalization of Post-War Netherlands,1939-1949”

Daniel Coleman (University of Cambridge), “The Right to Live: A History of Neoliberal Thought on Welfare Reform in the US, 1964-2010”

Maria Mercone (University of Coimbra), “Black Atlantic, Black Power, Black Feminism: An Analysis of African American Subjectivities”

Ella St George Carey (University of Oxford), “One’s Own Medicine: The Practice of Nursing amongst Black Women in the United States, 1878-1932”

Andy Cabot (Paris Diderot University, Paris VII), “The Question of Slavery in the Diplomacy of the Early American Republic: Foreign Relations and Empires at the source of an Uncertain National Compromise, c.1787-c.1815”

Ilia Michailovich Lakstygal (Moscow State University), “The Rivalry of the United States and France in the Arms Market in the Countries of the Greater Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean in the 1970s”

Sarah Thomson (University of Edinburgh), “Presidential Travel and the Rose Garden Strategy: A Case Study of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 Tour of Europe”


At the end of the second day the PhD Students had a walking tour through Middelburg.