Records of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1954-1970

Produced in cooperation with the King Library and Archives of Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc., this microfilm collection in four parts provides researchers at all level with access to primary source materials from the epicenter of the modern civil rights movement. Included are organizational papers of such legendary figures as Ella J. Baker, Andrew J. Young, Ralph David Abernathy, Septima Clark and Martin Luther King, Jr. The records also comprise field reports from civil rights activists at the front lines of the movement, correspondence with SNCC, NAACP and other groups, fund-raising and financial records and public relations materials. Background files on many of the SCLC projects—from its earliest organizational meetings to the sit-ins, freedom rides, mass demonstrations, voter registration drives and antipoverty programs—are also included. This collection is a valuable addition to the other civil rights collections at the RSC covering the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. The collection consists of four parts:

FINDING AIDRecords of the President’s Office (21 reels)
FINDING AIDRecords of the Executive Director and Treasures (22 reels)
FINDING AID: Records of the Program Department (29 reels)
FINDING AIDRecords of the Public Relations Department (10 reels)