Ing. M. Vooijs Collection

This collection contains research materials collected by the Dutch writer Ing. M. Vooijs. He has done extensive research into the history of the Dutch Reformed Church (Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk). Vooijs is the author of “Vissen in de oude kerk,” a book about the history of the Dutch Reformed Church in Katwijk aan Zee, a Dutch town. This collection contains all the research material he had gathered for another book, one that he was unfortunately unable to finish due to failing health. The collection documents the history of the Reformed Church in the (Dutch) colonies of New York and New Jersey. It contains all the information that Ing. Vooijs could find related to the formation of the Reformed Church in the US as build by migrants from the Netherlands. The collections spans a period of a little more than two hundred years, from 1628 onwards. The collection consists mostly of research notes and copies of relevant book passages. The research material has been kept in their original filing folders as Ing. Vooijs himself organized them, under the name that he gave them. The guide shows the names of the filing folders that can be found in each box. Because the research was still ongoing when Ing. Vooijs was forced to stop, some files are incomplete or lack a name.

Finding Aid: Ing. M. Vooijs Collection