Records of the Council on Foreign Relations, 1921-1951

No private organization has been as influential in the development of twentieth-century U.S. foreign policy as the Council on Foreign Relations. The Council’s membership since its founding in 1921 has been drawn from those in business, government, and academia recognized as the nation’s opinion leaders in international relations. As such, the research brought forth in these documents is studied at the highest levels of the State Department, the National Security Council, and the White House. This collection illuminates world affairs and the development of foreign policy from World War I through the Korean War, examining a broad range of military, economic, political, and social developments. This collection of 516 microfiches includes documents by John Foster Dulles, Walter Lippmann, Wendell Willkie, Ralph J. Bunche, Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Nelson A. Rockefeller, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

FINDING AIDRecords of the Council on Foreign Relations, 1921-1951

Documentary History of the Council on Foreign Relations, 1952-1978

This collection covers the records of the Council on Foreign Relations fom 1952-1978. It spans 26 printed volumes.