Archives of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Department of State

This is a portion of the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs archives from the Special Collections division of the University of Arkansas. Contained in 44 folders and divided over 18 boxes, the selection features U.S. embassy reports, planning documents, analyses, memoranda and related material concerning the State Department’s educational and cultural exchange programs as authorized by the Smith-Mundt (1948) and Fulbright-Hayes (1963) legislation. The papers are divided up per region: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Rest of the World.

FINDING AIDArchives of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

U.S. Department of State, Papers Relating to Foreign Relations

The U.S. foreign policy is well-documented in the series Foreign Relations of the United States which is published by the State Department. This series started with an annual listing of treaties, correspondence, and memo’s about bilateral relations and about international affairs. Up till 1945 this so-called FRUS-series is on microfilm, for the post-1945 period, the RSC-library has a set of the bound volumes (almost complete). Most of the series is available online via the Digital Collections of the University of Wisconsin and U.S. Department of State: Office of the Historian

U.S. Foreign Policy: Current Documents, 1981

Official documents from the State Department dealing with the international issues of 1981, such as the death of President Anwar Sadat and the Iranian Hostage Crisis (151 fiches).

FINDING AIDAmerican Foreign Policy Current Documents 1981

OSS/State Department Intelligence and Research Reports, Europe, 1945-1961

OSS/State Department Intelligence and Research Reports are once-secret studies from the nation’s top scholars in strategic fields. Parts V and X focus on Europe from 1945 through 1961. Key topics include the occupation and division of Germany; reconstruction of Europe under the Marshall Plan; de Gaulle and the Fifth Republic; Conservative Party governments in Britain headed by Churchill, Eden, and Macmillan; formulation of the Common Market; Soviet control of Eastern Europe; and the Berlin Wall. Of the more than one thousand titles on Europe, a few are listed here: New Light on the Hungarian Political Crisis (1947), The British Commonwealth Approaches a Turning Point (1948), The Will of Western European Countries to Resist Aggression (1949), Long-Range Economic Prospects of the U.K. (1955), The Crisis of Italian Democratic Socialists (1957), and A Critical Appraisal of Western Unity (1959) (21 reels).

FINDING AID:OSS State Department Intelligence and Research Reports, Europe, 1945-1961 part 5
FINDING AIDOSS State Department Intelligence and Research Reports, Europe, 1945-1961 part 10

American Embassy Brussels: News Bulletin: 1948-1952

This primary source collection, consisting of 30 boxes, was donated to the Roosevelt Study Center in September 2013 by the University Library of Ghent University, Belgium. The inventory was made in 2014. This 350-page inventory gives a detailed description of the topics, persons, and organizations mentioned in the News Bulletin. The issues of the News Bulletin cover the period January 1948 through December 1952 and offer an interesting view on U.S. domestic and foreign key issues as seen by the United States Information Service in the early years of the Cold War and as presented by this U.S. government organization to the public in Belgium. The description in this guide is chronologically per day/month/year.

FINDING AIDAmerican Embassy Brussels: News Bulletin: 1948-1952