RIAS secures access to the renowned Digital National Security Archive to offer new research opportunities.

We are delighted to announce that the RIAS has recently acquired access to the Digital National Security Archive (DNSA), a premier resource of declassified United States policy documents. This acquisition aligns with our commitment to providing our scholars and researchers with an ever-growing assortment of materials illuminating US foreign, military, and intelligence policy.

Treasure Trove

The DNSA – developed through a partnership between ProQuest and the National Security Archive, a non-profit research institute and library located at The George Washington University (Washington, D.C.) – offers a treasure trove of over 150,000 indexed declassified government documents, many of whom gathered through extensive use of the US Freedom of Information Act and published now for the first time.

This National Security Archive is renowned for promoting transparency, and its efforts to facilitate public access to government information resonate with RIAS’s mission to educate and inform. The DNSA spans critical world events and US policy decisions from the aftermath of World War II to contemporary times, providing a window into the defining international strategies of the modern age.

Invaluable Tool

With the DNSA now available through the RIAS, our community gains an invaluable tool for conducting in-depth research into the nuances of US policy. The Archive’s holdings, accessible via the ProQuest platform, offer an unparalleled opportunity to engage with primary sources that have shaped the trajectory of US involvement on the global stage.

The digitized documents are made available in over 60 topic-based databases; the complete list is availableĀ here.

To go directly to the DNSA, click here.

This resource promises to enhance scholarly work as well as to foster a deeper understanding of the past and present of US policy. We encourage our scholars and researchers to explore it not only to gain a historical perspective but also to derive insights relevant to contemporary policy discussions.

For further information on the DNSA and to book a research visit to the RIAS, please email us atĀ info@roosevelt.nl.