On 13 October 2022 the RIAS and Kennisplatform Slavernijverleden Zeeland will organize a lecture by the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones on The 1619 Project.

Nikole Hannah-Jones will discuss the origins of American slavery, as well as The 1619 Project that she has launched in the US for the New York Times Magazine covering racial injustice. The sale of some “twenty and odd” enslaved Africans to Virginia settlers by Dutch privateers from the vessel White Lion – which departed from Vlissingen in Zeeland – in 1619 is widely regarded as the beginning of African slavery in British North America. The 1619 Project is an ongoing endeavor to place slavery and its consequenses at the center of American history.

Together with Dutch journalist Leendert van der Valk she will take part in a discussion on how best to commemorate and engage fruitful dialogue about the legacies of slavery in our communities.

For the invitation and more information on Nikole Hannah-Jones and Leendert van der Valk please click here.

To attend the program, please registere before 1 October, 2022 via the following registration link.

The Kennisplatform Slavernijverleden Zeeland consists of representatives from:

  • Gemeente Middelburg
  • Gemeente Veere
  • Gemeente Vlissingen
  • Keti Koti Zeeland
  • Provincie Zeeland
  • Roosevelt Institute for American Studies
  • Stichting Slavernijmonumenten
  • University College Roosevelt
  • Zeeuws Archief