Our PhD candidate Marcella Schute has published a chapter in the book called Legacies of Slavery and Contemporary Resistance which came out with Cambridge Scholars Publishing on 9 June 2023.

Slavery and the past are interconnected; there is a tension between a former time of human subjugation and the time after when that captivity can still be remembered. In a sense, this volume probes this seeming contradiction, the glory of freedom’s release and the tension with a past when freedom was denied. It also argues that the existence of slavery, in modern forms, today offers continuing evidence of man’s inhumanity to man—and the resulting absence of freedom for millions of people.

The title of Marcella’s chapter is “The First Proposal to Reopen the Transatlantic Slave Trade in New Orleans in 1839” and forms part of her PhD research on the efforts to reopen the slave trade in Louisiana. The book will soon be available at the RIAS library.