Jeanine Quené

Jeanine Quené is a cultural historian focusing on gender and conservatism in the United States. She is interested in how paradoxes of gender, race and sexuality have shaped American society, particularly in relation to women’s conservative politics.

In her dissertation, completed at the University of Cambridge and as a Fox Fellow at Yale University, Dr. Quené studied the civilizational politics of conservative women between 1890-1930. Her research demonstrated that conservative women often relied upon the protean meanings of ‘civilization’ to coalesce seemingly contradictory goals into one coherent social-political vision. After completing her PhD, Dr. Quené returned to her home country of the Netherlands to teach at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

As postdoctoral researcher at RIAS, Jeanine Quené is currently developing a project on the (un)changing nature of women’s conservatism across the long twentieth century. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, singing and hiking