Dr. Alessandro Brogi (University of Arkansas) was our Spring Rooosevelt Visiting Professor from May to the end of June 2022.

Alessandro Brogi, a native of Italy, has lived in the United States since 1990. He is a Professor of History of US Foreign Relations at the University of Arkansas. He also held positions at Yale University, the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins-Bologna Center, the Nobel Peace Institute in Oslo, Norway, and had previously visited for a conference at RIAS in 2018.

His principal areas of research are US strategic and cultural relations with Western Europe during the Cold War, and his main works draw comparative analyses of France and Italy. He authored several essays and articles, an edited book collection, and three books, including Confronting America: The Cold War between the United States and the Communists in France and Italy (2011, and 2nd ed. 2014 – winner of the Charles Smith Prize of the Southern Historical Association).

Brogi’s current project is on J. William Fulbright and the debate on liberal internationalism among Western allies and intellectuals. Part of his two months at the RIAS will be devoted to this book project, conducting further research and drafting portions of the manuscript. While at the Institute, Brogi will also participate in the International PhD Seminar, where he will lead a seminar session on methodology and scholarship in 20th century Transatlantic Relations.

Brogi was spotted in Middelburg running his daily 5K in the city center, or dancing Argentine tango.