On 5-6 June 2023, the RIAS will host a policy workshop titled “An Environmental Education for an Environmental Democracy: A Transatlantic Approach” in the Provinciehuis (Filmzaal), Abdij 9, 4331 BK Middelburg.

Environmental education is a powerful instrument for empowering environmental democracy. By fostering a deeper understanding that goes beyond scientific explanations of environmental issues, it embraces historical, cultural, societal, economic, and political factors shaping the relationship between humans and nature. As our planet faces environmental degradation and climate change, this education equips students with the intellectual tools necessary to grasp contemporary challenges and human societies’ impact in the Anthropocene.

This event aims to assemble teachers, educators, program managers, project leaders, and students involved in environmental education from the Netherlands and the United States. Participants will engage in discussions on common challenges, sharing best practices to enhance environmental education and environmental democracy.

A key focus of the workshop will be the potential of virtual exchange programs in higher education, which can encourage intercultural communication and foster a universally-accepted, open-minded, and well-informed approach to environmental matters. These programs promote representation, inclusion, and diversity, providing students from various backgrounds with the opportunity to participate in global, thought-provoking educational experiences.

Environmental education cultivates environmentally conscious citizens and communities through interdisciplinary efforts that share and communicate concepts, paradigms, and categories across humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and applied sciences. By sponsoring this discussion, we aim to work together with students, experts, and citizens to build a more sustainable future.

Please check the full program here. The workshop is open to the public. To attend, please register by sending an email to info@roosevelt.nl by Monday 29 May 2023.