War and (Anti-)Americanism in Europe: A Conversation with Alessandro Brogi

The war in Ukraine has forced a renewal of the transatlantic partnership while, at the same time, prompting a fresh wave of anti-interventionism and anti-Americanism in different European countries – and populations.

In a time of profound upheavals and uncertainties on the continent, Professor Brogi will discuss the deep-rooted historical processes that have characterized the alternate fortunes of the relationship between the United States and its main European allies, and he will speak of the development of transatlantic relations vis-à-vis the ongoing war in Ukraine.

In a recent essay, Brogi argued that political and ideological differences across the Atlantic have always affected the alliance and that the management of the pandemic in the last two years has only exacerbated the divisions. In the face of Russia’s aggression, however, both sides of the Atlantic have shown a newfound interest in and attention to strengthening the collective security system.

Professor Brogi will assess this renewed sense of unity against the backdrop of the tidal waves of Americanization and anti-Americanism in Europe. Will this crisis transform the cooperation between Washington and Europe’s capitals?

The conversation will be held online on Friday, 24 June 2022 at 16:00 (CET). To join it, please use the following link: https://bit.ly/3n7MHyk 

The full invitation is available here.