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There were many aspects to Theodore Roosevelt:  he was a highly succesful  politician, a military warrior, an explorer, and a charismatic leader.

TR Portrait
He was also a recognized historian: he wrote his first book-length work of history, The Naval War of 1812, at the age of twenty-three. Over the course of his life, he authored a dozen more books (and countless shorter pieces), on an astonishingly wide range of historical subjects, from the westward expansion of American settlers to the English Civil War. In 1912, he served as president of the American Historical Association. In his his inaugural address, he stressed that history 'can never be truthfully or usefully presented unless profound research, patient, laborious, painstaking, has preceded the presentation.'

The RIAS takes this commitment of Theodore Roosevelt to the cause of history as an inspiration. The Institute maintains one of the largest primary source collections on 20th century US history in Europe, together with an open-stack library of around 6,000 volumes. These are made available to individual researchers and student groups throughout the year.

RIAS staff, following in the footsteps of TR, also conduct their own research projects on a range of US history topics.