Professor Peter Rose returned to Middelburg as Roosevelt Visiting Professor at the RIAS in May 2019. Peter Rose  is the Sophia Smith Professor Emeritus and Senior Fellow of the Kahn Liberal Arts Institute at Smith College in Massachusetts.

Professor Rose is a distinguished sociologist, social historian, and publicist, and has enjoyed a long academic career dedicated to the study of refugees and minorities in the United States. During his time at the RIAS he did  research on the different perspectives and policy recommendations of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt toward the admission of Jewish refugees into the United States during the 1930s and early 1940s. He also participated in the “American Islands” conference at the RIAS where delivered a talk on “Yank’ as a Four Letter Words” and chaired the RIAS Spring 2019 International PhD seminar.

Professor Rose first came to Middelburg nearly twenty years ago as the founding chair of the International Advisory Committee of University College Roosevelt, where he would later serve as a Fulbright Senior Specialist and visiting professor in 2008. More recently he has been involved in several symposia at the RIAS. In the spring of 2018, he was the Roosevelt Lecturer and spoke on “The Politics and Morality of US Refugee Policy from FDR to the Present Day.” In the fall of 2018 he participated in the seminar on “Seeking Refuge” and gave a keynote address on “The Dependency of the Dispossessed.”

Read here Professor Rose’s report on his fellowship at the RIAS in May 2019.